Leonardo Da Vinci

Here are a few facts about Leonardo Da Vinci.  When he was little he wanted to be at the top of the art ladder but people didn't think think that good about him because he was 12. But when he got older he got better so he kept climbing and climbing until he created the Mona Lisa witch got him to the top. Leonardo wanted to study about the human body and how it works so he did something kinda gross. What he did only nurses  could do but it was still wrong but he wanted to learn more so he cut dead peoples bodies open. Witch was not allowed even back then. Do you know that from the day Leonardo was born and to the day he did and on until 2014. Witch in are days he would be 538 years old. In his notebooks he wrote in mirror writing witch I think is pretty cool. By Delaney Bombei

The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous art work in the world.

                          The Mona Lisa was created in 1505