The Eye of Horus

The Ankh symbol of Life.

Time Lasted:Ancient Egypt lasted for over three thousand years.

Afterlife:Egyptians believed that when your physical body died a force called ka left the body.Ka would travel to the land of the dead not their bodies.If the body decomposed the ka would shrivel up and vanish.

Religion:The Egyptians worshiped many gods.Some where worshiped from the first days of the Old Kingdom and some were ancient.Egyptians believed that the gods controlled weather and natural events.They both feared and worshiped the powers of the gods.

Old Kingdom:The Old Kingdom lasted about 500 years.The Egyptians from the Old Kingdom created the pyramids,which were built to be tombs for the ruler's of Egypt.Pharaoh is a king in Egypt.The Pharaoh believed he was a god.The Egyptians thought that a pharaoh was a god in a human form.Bureaucracy is a highly structured organization managed by officials.Most of the officials were the pharaoh's relatives.The members had no real power,they had to act on the pharaohs orders.

Middle Kingdom:The middle kingdom lasted from 2050 B.C. to 1652 B.C. Priests and nobles gained more independence and power.Pharaohs lost their power to the priests and nobles.Nomarchs took most of the pharaohs power as well.The had authority over one of the 42 nomes.A Nome is a administrative and religious district in which ancient Egypt was divided into.Towers and fortresses where built on the sides of the Nile river and armies were to stand guard.

New Kingdom:The New Kingdom lasted from 1550 B.C.E to 1070 B.C.E.This was the last of ancient Egypt's three kingdoms.A few of the Pharaohs were Hatshepsut,Ramses II,and Akhenaten.Religion was changed a lot, more people joined the Amun cult which brought the new age of religion.

Role Of Pharaohs: Ramses II ruled Egypt for almost 70 years,he built a lot all over Egypt including the temple of Abu Simbel.He took the army to new heights and made it better than ever.He even moved the capitol from Thebes to a new city called "Pi-Ramesses."Akhenaten is most known for his changes on the religion.His real name is Amunhotep IV but changed it to honor the god Aten.The power of priesthood was so strong during his rein that it began to rival the power of the Pharaoh himself.To stop this he formed the cult of Aten to cut off money to the priesthood of Amun.

Pyramids:Pyramids were built during the Old Kingdom to hold tombs for the Pharaohs.Over 130 pyramids have been found in Egypt.The Pyramid of Djoser is said to be the first pyramid ever built.The Pyramid of Khufu is the oldest of the Ancient Wonders of the World and only one intact.Most of the tombs have been robbed by tomb robbers and left nothing behind.

Leaders:Some of Ancient Egypt's famous leaders were the following: Amenemhet I,Amasis I,many of them were named Ramses.

Social Classes:Pharaoh's were on top of the social "pyramid"then came Priests and nobles.Under them were Soldiers,Scribes,Merchants,Artisans,and Farmers.At the very bottom of the pyramid are Slaves and Servants.

Hyksos:A group of Semitic-Asiatics settled in Egypt in the 18th century.Many Hyksos kings ruled over some of Egypt in the 15th century.They introduced the horse and chariot,compound bow,better battle axes,and lots of better fortification.

Daily Life:People in Ancient Egypt loved to be with there families.Boys learned to trade and craft.Girls trained at home with their mothers.Women could have a "job" like taking care of the farm while her sons and husbands are unable or not there.They were employed in courts,in temples as acrobats,dancers,and singers.Poor girls were expected to marry at the age of 12.Pharaoh's had many wives not like poorer people who only had one.Women cooked over open fires in clay ovens,they baked,stewed,fried,grilled,etc.there foods.Poor people's dishes were made of clay while richer people's were made of gold or silver.

Legacies of Ancient Egypt:The Egyptians left behind many legacies like their famous pyramids,grand cities,their language,and their laws

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