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Created on  April 22, 2015 Roseworks financial has proven to be one of the most secure investing firms found. Only hiring the best investors, bankers, and financial consultants, Roseworks financial tries to hold onto its promise to customers and its only goal, is to make the best financial choices for the client possible, at a reasonable price. To determine which type of financial are best for the client we offer various financial packages (listed below) that include anything one could want.

Retirement Package

Nothing is worse than reaching retirement age and still having to work because you were lacking in funds or simply unprepared for that moment. This package is for those who want to reach retirement age and actually retire. It even helps to reach an early retirement for a lucky few. This package includes:

401k planning- We will look at your 401k ( the contribution plan set by your employer where you can set aside funds from your paycheck for retirement) and tell you all the options you have with it, including possible long-term investments, total funds at certain points, and a consultation on what is your best route to maximize your profits.

We also offer a variety of  safe and low-risk bonds (a debt security under which the issuer owes the holder a debt and depending on the terms of the bond, is obliged to pay them interest) to invest in, such as:

Government savings bond- Debt securities issued by the Department of Treasury to help pay for the governments borrowing needs. They are backed in by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. There is very little return on them but you are almost guaranteed to have some form of profit.

municipal bonds- These bonds are issued by local authorities. They act similarly to government savings bonds except they are slightly more risky.

treasury bonds- Treasury bonds may be the most secure form of bond available as it is issued directly but the US Treasury, the return rate however is almost nothing.


This package is designed for those who are interested in investing but really unsure of where to go or even how to start. This one time package consists of low risk investments, along with an introduction on investing and a free financial consultation to see if investing is a good option for you. The types of investments that you can expect to get out of this package include

Government savings bonds

Municipal bonds

Treasury bills- Treasury bills are short term investments in the government that yield no interest rate. They are offered however at a discounted rate when compared to its redemption price, allowing for some short term profit.

Certificates of deposit (CD)- CDs are a relatively low risk investment where you give a certain amount of money for a specified time and gain interest on it.

Low Ballers

This package is for those investors who want a safe bet, something they'll be sure to make profit on. While you cant expect any major increases in your funds, you can rest assured that we will only make the safest of investments for you in this deal. Possible investments include:

Government savings bond

Treasury bonds

Certificates of Deposit (CD)

Low risk stocks in secure companies


A fully diversified portfolio on your investments- Diversification in the process through which we invest in various different bonds and stocks so that in the case of one failing, you will not lose everything. Like they say "never put all your eggs in one basket"

High Rollers

This package is for those who want a large payout and don't mind taking risks. The chances of you actually getting back a significant amount of money is low but trust us, when you do strike gold we make sure it'll make you richer than you ever dreamed. To offset the high risks of this package we offer diversification for your portfolio free of charge.

Junk Bonds- Junks bonds are high-risk, high-yield corporate bonds.

Corporate Bonds- These are bonds specifically sold to companies with high interest rates. They are directly tied with the financing of the company and are thus risky.

Full options on the stock market

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