Greystones Languages for Children

Web page for Bray French class, Wednesdays at Vila Pacis

Bonjour to all my great pupils in this class - Aoibhe, Camille, Jan, Lucy, Rian, Emma, Leo and my petite fille, Lizzie!

Hope you enjoy practising your French, watching the videos we see in class and of course singing the fantastic songs to all your family.

Here is the song about the ladies and gentlemen dancing in a circle of the famous bridge (pont) in Avignon.

Hope you enjoyed the song!

Now here you can listen to the alphabet.  You hear it 4 times!  The first 3 times, repeat at same time as the singer, but the 4th time, it's your turn...........bonne chance!

From our class on Wed 6 May, we met the Tortue family chasing rats.....or was it cats? and can tortoises actually run?!

30 May 2015 - here is the new video we watch at class on Wednesday.  We only need to learn the first verse for our little show on Wednesday, so happy singing!