12 Days of "Insert Your School Here"

Great way to team build using Padlet!

I created this to share with a group of administrators participating in "Digital Leadership"  professional development, but decided others might want to use it too.

I used this last year at the high school where I served as assistant principal. I developed prompts for 12 Days in December. The prompts would be at the top of the Padlet wall.  We had a lot of fun learning about each other by participating in discussions and challenges. I hope you have success too. I would send the link each day. We all enjoyed reading and seeing what individuals and groups of the faculty would post.

First of all, Let's talk about Padlet. What is it? It used to be called Wallwisher, but changed a few years ago. It is an online board that anyone with the link can post comments, pictures, and videos to. It only take a few minutes to create one. Start creating here. https://padlet.com/auth/login

Need a quick tutorial on how to use it? Check this out and you will be ready to go.

Now that you are ready to go, here are the prompts I sent out each day through e-mail. Of course, you insert the name of your school. :)

Day One: During this time of gift giving, card exchanging, and hustling/bustling, take time to share what James Clemens High School is all about. Share an example of how others are making a difference.

Day Two: How has being a member of James Clemens High School as a teacher, coach, or staff member made an impact on you professionally?

Day Three: Quickly sketch a holiday card to wish your colleagues the merriest of holidays.

Day Four: With your pod area, take a picture depicting a line or title of a Christmas song. Post it on the wall.

Day Five: As educators, our students are constantly learning from us. Share a story of how you learned from a student. What lesson did they teach you?

Day Six: Share the name of your favorite teacher from your time in school. What made them your favorite?

Day Seven: What is your favorite holiday tradition and why?

Day Eight: Tis the season of giving. Please share with us a way your class, sport, or family has given back to our community. If you have  a picture, please share!

Day Nine: Share why you think teamwork and collaboration are essential in working in education.

Day Ten: Create a Christmas tree or wreath suing only school supplies. The tree and wreath must be logical school supply. Post your picture. Each member of the winning pod gets a free pack of paper. (Our teachers have to supply their own for copies.)

Day Eleven: What was the best present you ever received? Why was it so special?

Day Twelve: We have all heard of six-word memoirs, but what is your one word for the new year?

Here is our Day 12 and Day 4 Wall. This will help you get started.

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