meeting the boss

As the boss leans in the door, he sees George and Lennie in the bunkhouse. “where were you boys at? You were supposed to be here yesterday”

“Well sir he bus driver gave us a bum steer. we busted a gut just to get here.” George says and Lennie mimics his remark

"who's that big fella behind you? what's your name boy?"

Lennie steps forward and the boss asks him his name again. he looks at George for confirmation to talk. George nods and lennie states his name.

"took you a while to answer me you okay? never mind, close that goddamn window. "

"but its hot in here its like a thousand degrees in this place "George states .

"I don't give a damn i'm the boss what I say goes. you hear me boy" the boss crosses the room with menacing strides and slams the window shut.

"are you boys lookin' for trouble around here?"

"no sir we're not lookin' for no trouble" Lennie says in fright

the boss paces the room looking around he stubs his toe on one of the crates used for seats at the card table. he holds his foot and hops up and down on one leg and bangs his head against the cast iron stove.

George laughs at the bosses anguished face and tries to conceal  it with a cough. the boss sits on the bed and asks them both if they play cards George says yes and asks if he wants to play, the boss agrees. "how 'bout a little poker and a little wager George?"

"no George we can't be blowin' in our jack , what about livin, off the fatta the lan'"

"relax im going to bet the talcum powder on the shelf over there lennie "

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