52 IN 52

The 52 albums that define my love for music

Week 15/ Album 15

Who: Bobby Brown "Don't Be Cruel"

When: 1988

Why: Remember when I said early MTV had an influence on me? Well, here is the proof. As a budding 9 year old, I saw this video and was in awe. I thought Bobby Brown was the coolest. Cars, Girls playing Keytars, Head-mic's and killer dance moves! This was my first real introduction to R&B and Hip-Hop. There were others, including New Edition that I had heard, but nothing really stuck until I saw the "My Prerogative" video. I worked really hard around the house so that my parents would buy me this tape. So many jams on it!!!

Where: Never saw him, never will.

Its My Prerogative!

In the late 80's Bobby Brown WAS R&B. "Don't be Cruel" had hit after hit on it. If I remember correctly, Most of Side 1 were (close to, if not) chart toppers. If you are my age, there is no way you escaped Bobby Brown. He was so popular that he even got into Ghostbusters 2, and did the theme song for it (see below). The late 80's and early 90's were so good to Bobby Brown that he eventually couldn't keep up. He snagged the hottest woman in music and eventually ended up destroying his and her careers and ultimately (indirectly) caused her death. Bobby Brown's career is that of excess and proof that its hard to grow up in the limelight.

"Dont Be Cruel" will always be a staple and testament to those times. This record could be lumped into other great late 80's and early 90's Hip-Hop and R&B. It launched Producers LA Reid and Babyface into superstardom as well. While this record lays low in the culture of my musical taste, it will always spike good memories for me.