The Big Guy in the Bow Tie Weekly 9/17

Your Newsletter To Give You Tech Tips, My Locations for the Week, and More

Hello, Hello I am David Your New Tech Coach

You will start receiving this email on a weekly basis in order to share with you tech tips, tricks, and my calendar for the week. Eventually, we will also share success stories so you can see how technology is transforming other classes at your school.

This Weeks Success Story

This weeks success story comes from a certain middle school in Sandy Springs. I met with a math team there last week, and the first thing I heard was "I just tried Kahoot, and it is the most engaged my kids have been maybe ever" This was a team that also embraced Photo Math, and they began to look at how do we use this in instruction! I came away so impressed with this great group of math teachers!

Some lessons here: Try it! You will be amazed by engagement. Also, don't be scared of the tech! Figure out how to use it in instruction

Tech Tip of the Week : Power Point is Dead!

The Goal of the Tech Tip of the Week is to get you interested in a topic. Please contact me if you would like to implement.

This weeks tech tip is to encourage you to get rid of Power Point and move to Nearpod. Nearpod allows you to make your presentations interactive. The kids can log in and advance with you on any device. You can also embed websites, matching pairs, whiteboards, quizzes, polls, open ended questions, and more.

I am begging you......please let me help you kill Power Point

My Mission

My entire mission at your school is to take your technology use to transformative. We want students to be able to create, and to have an education that is tailored to their needs. Are you going to be able to do this right away?  No, I am here to help hold your hand through those baby steps in order to let you do that. We can handle my help to you in one of three ways.

1. I can come in and do model lessons where we then progress to letting you do some of the same activities

2. I can take projects or assignments you are trying to do, and I can redesign them to up the choice factor and add the tech

3. I can kick you some ideas, and then I can follow up.

Schedule Me

To schedule me, you can email me at, find me on twitter @bigguyinabowtie, or you can fill out the form below.

My Schedule for This Week

When looking at my schedule, please remember your school is not getting short changed. If I am there for only a short time this week, you will get me for an extra day at some point.

Monday- Teacher Follow Up at Alpharetta

Tuesday- Teacher Follow Up at Webb Bridge and Model Lesson

Wednesday- Teacher Follow Up at Ridgeview and Model Lesson Set Up

Thursday- Morning  at Alpharetta High School for help Afternoon at Crabapple for follow up

Friday-Follow up at Crabapple and Planning for Model Lessons

Where You Can Find Me Online

You can find me in several places. Click a Button Below to Explore

What Are You Doing this On?

This message is a Tackk. They are easy to use, good to look at 1 page websites. They are a great way to do news letters, communication, and they could be great for student projects

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3 years ago

Will you do a demonstration of near pod? I thought it allowed you to drop a power point in it?