Hammerhead sharks

By Ethan

Swimmmmmmmm! There is a pack of hammerhead sharks. OK... where safe... on the... beach for... now. Hello my name is Dr.Dayton. You may remembered me when we were running away from the pack of velociraptors. An look know hammerhead sharks were chasing use. I will tell you about were they live, what they eat, there size, how old hammerhead sharks live for, and what shark eats hammerhead sharks.

How big do hammerhead sharks get?

Hammerhead sharks are pretty big. When they are born they are only about 3 feet long. But when they grow they grow up to 20 feet or even 35 feet.

Where do hammerhead sharks live at?

Hammerhead sharks live every were. Hammerhead sharks live in Florida, Hawaii, and Texas. Hammerhead sharks live in the tropical and warm coast waters too.

What to hammerhead sharks eat?

Hammerhead sharks eat every thing. Fish, squid, octopus, stingray, other sharks, ells, jellyfish, and there favorite food is puffer fish. I don't know why hammerhead sharks like puffer fish bunt in a article it said hammerhead sharks like puffer fish.

How long do hammerhead sharks live for?

Hammerhead sharks live for about 20 through out 30 years. Some people think that hammerhead sharks live for about 15 though 20 years and i'm like no way hoe zay its 20 through 30 years some people need to read book's or Google it.

Thank you so much for reading this tackk I hope you know now how big hammerhead sharks get, were hammerhead sharks live, what do hammerhead sharks eat, and how long do hammerhead sharks live for.