Barriers that impede Students from digital learning

  • One of the first barriers would be the social economical status of students.  Families might not have access to the internet for digital learning.  Some rural areas still don't have access to broad band.  Some parents still can't afford to buy a computer for their children. Parents might be able to supply a tablet but tablets are very limited to what each brand can do such as flash players or memory.
  • Another barrier to digital learning might be that parents will not allow their children to access the internet for any reason. I have had parents tell me that they will not allow their children on the internet. Teachers might have to educate parents on the benefits of digital learning. We might also have to provide some digital safety training to parents also.
  • We could provide open schools to give access to students for digital learning. This might be before schools starts or after school hours. I could also see students being able to check out hot spots for connecting to internet from the media center. Educators should also have digital training for students and parents.