What are some of Josef Mengele's Experiments in WW11?

Only some of the horrific experiments carried out by Josef Mengele, A.K.A the "Angel of Death."

During the Holocaust, Josef preformed many experiments on the prisoners in concentration camps. Josef had a interest in preforming on young twins of all races and religions. In this particular picture, you can see one if his many inhuman experiments. He sewed 2 young Gypsy twins together to create Siamese twins and see if they were compatible together. The children died from infection and their bodies used for further dissection.

Doctor Josef Mengele preformed many experiments on the prisoners of concentration camps. In this video there are many graphic pictures that show the atrocities he preformed. He would force prisoners into tanks of cold water for long periods of time, then see how long it would take to bring their body temperature back up. This video also mentions the Seven Dwarves of Auschwitz and how they were tested on by Josef and his doctors. Despite their escape, they did nothing to deserve the horrors they faced.

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Connection to Modern Day

Though it is not as extreme as back then, we still see this in our time. These kids, starved and naked, we see it in our undeveloped countries. I can also connect on our ability as humans to stop this madness. We had the power to speak up about this then, and we definitely have the power to do it now. Yet we still do so little for those who need more than us.

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