My Journal

By John Buckley

JOURNAL ENTRY #1 about me

My name is John Buckley. I'm from Pennington, New Jersey, on the North side. We live in a small ranch house with a few neighbors on either side. I have a wife named Margaret and three children. Twin boys named Noah and Henry, age 6, and a girl named Rose, 3. We have another kid on the way, who's a girl named Hallie after my mother. My brother, James, owns a farm not to far away and we sometimes visit. The kids love seeing their cousins and the animals. We ride horses around the yard and on trails. James is also in the war with me. His ranking is Colonel because he's a good battle strategist. I also help around the house. I usually cook and help Margret in the kitchen a lot. I work as a silversmith when i’m not out serving for the Union. I'm a Lieutenant on the Union side. I currently work in the Calvary with my closest friend, Joseph Smith. He's also a Lieutenant. My family and I are the happiest people you will know. We aren't poor, but are close to being at that point. But we don't mind. We value family more than money.

JOURNAL ENTRY #2 conversation

- Hello!


have you been whipped?

- Nope. What about you? I've been through the mill here in the army camp. A ton of fresh fish are coming in soon.

Are you played out.

- Yes! Its hard case around here. luckily i'm as fit as a fiddle!

I’m chief and bottle washer.

- that's good.

want some Goobers?

- sure. my bread basket is grumbling. Is your bed snug as a bug? ‘cause i know mine isn't.

here is some Goobers possum and no mine isn't either.

- thanks.

- the skunks have been fit to be tied lately because of the fresh fish. They don't know what their doing.

Do you have any Graybacks or seen any.

- No, but one of the spies saw one one of them. He stole his greenbacks.

Do you want to grab a root

- Ya. those goobers didn't fill me much.

The Skunks are tight, so we can go grab a root.

- Okay, let's go!

JOURNAL ENTRY #3 letter home

Dear Margaret and the kids,

Down at the camp is exhausting. We train everyday for battle. I miss visiting my brother, James, at the farm and bringing the kids with. I have already lost one of my closet men in the battle, Thomas Smith. He was also a lieutenant. I work in the cavalry now. It’s easy to care for the horses from the experience from James’ farm. We barely have anything to eat and I don't get any sleep. I stay up all night thinking about coming home. How’s Noah and Henry? They finally getting along? And has Rose made any friends at school yet? And I hope for the best for Hallie. Ill try to get home in time to see her.


John Buckley

This is a picture of my camp. (letter 3)

This is the view of my camp on a hill. It isn't much, but it gives shelter.

JOURNAL ENTRY #4 interview (1,2,3,5,10,18)

question #1: Jeremiah, when you chose to stay with your mother, what caused you to make that choice?

- I couldn't leave my mother alone when she was very ill. Plus, no one was running the farm. I just felt like I needed to stay there.

question #2: Looking back, what is something in your life that you are proud or happy of?

- Joining the Union because I knew slavery was a cruel thing.

question #3: What is one thing about your life you wish would have been different?

- I regret not taking of my mother better, even though I tried my best.

question #4: Jeremiah, did you think you would be caught cutting through the Confederates?

- No. I though I could make it past them without them knowing. But they caught us and I was kept their prisoner. I was also severally injured.

JOURNAL ENTRY #5 marching song

Be brave! Be strong! We are the one's who really belong!

We will fight 'till we win, no loss, no cost.

Bullets fly, through the sky. So we fight through the night!

Be brave! Be strong! We are the one's who really belong!

(song about going into battle and taking the land that belong's to them)

JOURNAL ENTRY #6 letter describing camp

Camp has been really rough lately. Were running low on food and they have been trying to come up with ideas of food to give us. The hardtack is infested with worms and weevils. They also tried giving us desiccated vegetables which is just plants mixed together. At least we have cornbread, but it usually turns moldy after some time.  Sometimes we feast on pickled-meat and dishwater. It's really salty. To pass the time I play cards and chess with fellow soldiers. When I was walking along the river, I met up with some soldiers. They were talking to some Confederates across the river. We had a long conversation. Their camps are the same as ours, with no much food. I found out we have a lot in common with the enemy's that day.


Cornbread- flour, cornmeal, baking powder, and salt

This is a picture of me and some friends of mine playing cards. (letter 6)

(journal entry #1) These are my kids I left back at home. (Noah and Henry age 6 and Rose age 3)

JOURNAL ENTRY #7 sickness in the camps

Illnesses and diseases are going around quicker than I thought. More than 100 men have died this past day. And even more men in the hospital with wounds. The sickness is starting to catch up. We don't have any clean water to drink. It looks like muddy pond water. The mosquitoes have been biting, which has been causing most of the sickness. The nurses and doctors are buzzing around the camps and hospitals trying to save lives. But the medicine isn't the best. The pathways and trails are full of garbage making it smell horrible. Also, the beds have fleas and lice infested in them. Honestly, if the camps were better, maybe soldiers would want to stay for a little longer.

JOURNAL ENTRY #8 (part 1) letter home

Dear my beloved family,

I'm coming home this week. I miss you all so much. I can't wait to see all of your smiling faces again. It will take me some time to get home, since i'm not nearby. So don't worry if were not home in a couple days. James and I can't wait to see the newborn, Hallie. She will be a great horse rider like the rest of us, I know that for sure. Today were practicing killing. Again. The generals are focusing more on the physical fights when we run out of ammunition. Like using our bayonets and tackling the men down. We will be out till it's night. The troops, including me, are already tired. It feels like the sun is burning us alive. I only have a couple scraps and cuts, but nothing to be cautious about. The battles have scarred me. Seeing my own men and the others fall. But it only makes me want to fight back harder. I know this war will be over so. Oh and if you don't mind, could you send some new clothes, water and food over? That would be perfect.

Love always,

John Buckley

JOURNAL ENTRY #8 (part 2) Home

When I got home, the house smelled of freshly baked muffins. Noah greeted me at the door and gave me a huge hug followed by Henry and Rose. I heard some cries in the other room and I knew it had to be Hallie. I gave Margret a kiss and held my newborn for the first time. She was beautiful. James also came home with me. He had lost half his left arm in battle. But he's fine now. I couldn't of been happier than I was right then, to finally see my family again.

This is the troops and I practicing killing. (letter 8)

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