Unrealistic views of women

1. "Love Me" seems to make her seem desperate for someone to love her. Personally, I think women should not crave to be loved, and clearly this is directed to the opposite sex to love them.

2. "Spoil me. Tempt me. Tease me." We all don't want that.

3. She is laying down and her breasts look nice and perky. That doesn't happen in real life.

4. This is saying that women are there to please a man on Valentines Day, which is what this ad was for.

5. Apparently to be perfect, we all must get laser hair removal on our armpits.

6. She is in a bed, with these sexual words tied to the picture, which is implying women should be in bed on Valentines Day, with their lover.

Most of Victoria Secret's ads are putting an unrealistic view of women out into the world.

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