Create an Alien Project


1. My alien name is: Elie

2. Its age on earth is 7 on its planet its 14

3. On earth Elie weighs 52lbs. on it's planet it weighs 28lbs.

4. Its planet is Mars/Terrestrial


Basic Facts

1. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun.

2. Mars has two moons.

3. The atmosphere contains CO2 and nitrogen, also it is 100 times denser than the Earths atmosphere. Mars composition is made up of iron, dust and rock all the same color as mars.

4. Mars has harsh, cold weather such as, dust storms the size of titanic.

5. About 20 degrees Celsius.

A Day in the Life Page

1. Mars revolves the sun 1.88 earth years.

2. Mars rotate 53,979 miles per hour

3. My planet revolves 24 hours 37 minutes  and 22 seconds, and the year is 687 days.

4. Mars is 2,106 miles in size, thats 1,852 away from the earths size.

Interesting Facts

Mars and Earth has the same estimate of landmass even though it is 15% of the Earths volume. Did you know mars has  tallest mountains in the solar systems, the tallest mountain in mars is Olympus Mons, a shield volcano that is 21 kilometers high. And did you know pieces of mars has been fallen to earth, by mars leaning towards the sun which makes it summer.

Mars has the LARGEST dust storm in the WHOLE entire solar system, this storm can lasts for months. Also mars is named after a Roman god, during the God of War the blood was the same color as mars had the same reddish, bloody color. Last but not least mars has very weak gravity so it cannot hold on to the atmosphere well.

Description of my Alien

My alien, Elie is very shy, he only talks when you say his name. He has back up just in case for emergencies, those are his brothers, Joey and Jack. Elie has a protective skin with a gooey substance on him to protect him from mars dust storms. His eyes have a protective contact he can see anything that is 15 miles away from him, he has these eyes so the dust during the dust storms wont get in his eyes. Also Elie is a omnivore, which means he eats plants and meat. (Also his master sends him food, the master is human.)

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