Houston Tx

houston is the most populous city in texas and fourth most populous city in the united states with a census-estimated 2013 population of 2.19 million people within a land area 599.6 square miles

famous people  in Houston Tx

scott cawthon is an american video  game developer.he has single handly developed several indie game titles under his development studio Scott games,as well as working for christian game developer Hope animation . scott has worked in every aspect of video game development including production, programming graphics, and music/sound design. in addition,scott is also a graduate of the art institute of houston though scott  has developed christian titles, his best known game is the horror game five nights at freddy's in which he has developed  a sequal. scott currently lives in texas and has two children he develop's all of his games using clickteam fusion 2.5. ,for five nights at freddy's it's unknown how scott created the game's audio, however, it is most likely one of his kid's who did the death scream sound he also provided the voice of the phone guy. some people try to pretend that they are scott cawthon on twitter, instagram, ect. here are some of the sound tracks from the game listen to them plz --------->  Sound Files - Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki

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