The life of a Fishing Cat

By Ben and Ric


*Eating habits-birds,small mammals, snakes, snails and fish they catch fish by tapping the waters surface with their paws*Habitat-it lives in the countries India, Sri Lanka, Himalayas, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, China and Indonesian Islands.*Mating- Males use a certain call to attract their mates *Scientific Name- Prionailurus viverrinus*Sleeping Behavior- Its nocturnal*Seasonal Behavior-Unknown *How they Raise Their Young- Unknown *Group Behavior- Solitary *Build A Home- Unknown *Special Abilities- They are the only cat that can swim

Our Five Questions

#1. We were planning on filming in Himalayas
#2. We were planing to stay for about 1 year
#3. We want to know what they do to attract mates, how they build their homes and how they raise their young
#4. The things we want to catch on film are their sleeping behavior and their group behavior.
#5. Materials needed, a Camera, $7,000 for food, airplane tickets, weapons and tents

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