Seventh Grade A Kenston

By: Mac Snyder

Seventh Grade  Highlights

10. Lunch- No different then sixth grade. Met new people and made more friends

9. Band- A lot of fun. a great way too start my day. Only bad thing was that clarinets  couldn't join Jazz Band.

8.Gym- Fun and great way to release energy. You play fun games and learn about sports. One game that is not so fun is Walk Jog Run. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT fake tying your shoe and wait until the end to get a drink.

7. Art Class- I had Mrs. Sietz. She is awesome. Art was very fun and I could also get out of study hall to come to the art room. You do many fun projects.

6. Digital Skills- As long as you do your work fast and well you can basicaly mess around on the computer for the rest of the time.

5. Ski Club- You have the choice between sking and snowboarding. I chose snowboarding. The school sends you on a bus to Alpine Valley froom 5-9 it is really fun.

4. Social Studies- I had Dr. Bates. He was really funny and doesnt overload you with homework. We did outlines and projects but the work load was not too bad. Dr. Bates likes to mess around. Just do your outlines right the first time.

3. Bomber Time- The eight mintues of rest during my day.

2.Camp- Camp was awesome. We did lots of fun activities my favorite of which was Camo Games. You are supplied with camo gear and play capture the flag. I had a great counsler and great camp group.

1. Science Olympiad- Its an extra ciricular activity focusing on the sciences. I met a lot of new friends and had a lot of fun doing so. In this activity you build bridges, planes, air cannons etc. You can also do chemestry events in wich you either solve crimes or identify meerials.

Memeora ble  Reding Moments

IRP- All of these projects where stressful but fun. The first one we had to take pictures and put them on a model all based  on a book. The second one was Back Book cover. We had to make a book cover for a book we read. The third was a Book Trailer. We had to make a book trailer for the book we read. The fourth and final project was a partner project we had chose a partner and read a book together. After we finished we had to make a model associated to the book.

Outsiders Day- After we finished the book The Outsiders we had a day to celebrate. We all dressed up as socs or greasers and played games all day.

Monomyth- Long procces but very important. Memorize it and  you will be fine.


During Camp we did many activities during our time there. The food wasn't horrible but it wasn't amazing. My favorite camo activities where Camo Games, Ultamate Frisbee, and Outdoor Cooking. In Camo Games you play capture the flag in camo gear. Ultamate frisbee is a game that is a mix between rugbee and football but you use a frisbee. Outdoor cooking is awesome. Using Pie Irons you learn how to make Hobo Pies, Banana boats, and Peach Boats. All of which where delicious.  Camp was awesome!

7th Grade Survival

Lunch- Find a ttable and stay there. Dont move around the proctures dont like it. Sit with people you like. Be careful when you buy. Some lunches are better than others.

Locker- Dont go to your locker after every class. It will not work. You will be late. Make a plan so you know when you have enough time to go to your locker  to get or put away binders and books. Don't always carry everything with you either.

Procrastination- DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! I made that mistake many time and I suffered for it. You will do fine if you work diligently.

Like I always say:

Procrastination Is The First Step On The Road To Failure

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Mac -- excellent start! Great advice for gym :) Be sure to put your name on the first slide.

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Love your precept!