Secret Service Project by Cole M.

     Have you ever done something nice and not gotten anything in return? If you answered yes, you have done a secret service! Want to know more about secret services? If you do please keep reading!

     The Secret Service Project is a 7 day project where you do secret services for people who don't expect it and you make sure no one knows who did it. I did lots of things such as making my sisters bed for her, doing all my chores, helping keep a kid with autism during Sunday School,  cleaning up the table and doing the dishes after dinner, playing with both of my dogs for an hour, minded my parents the whole day, and giving food to a food drive.

     When my parents asked my sister to make her bed, I knew she would wait to do it so I thought this was my chance. I ran into her room and made it for her. When my parents came in her room, they were surprised to see her bed made. Another secret service I did is I did all my chores without being asked to. My parents were really surprised, because I have a lot of chores.

     There is a kid at my church who has autism and is hard to control while there is a lesson so I asked if I could watch him while the lesson was going on. Everybody thanked me after. After dinner, everyone usually just watches TV or something else. So, I cleaned up the table and when my mom came in to clean it up, she was surprised to find it empty. I stayed anonymous.

     Usually, my dogs just sit in their crate all day and are let out to pee and just sit around while we are home. So I decided to play with them for a while. They enjoyed it. I knew my parents always ask me to do stuff so I decided to mind them the whole day they liked it and thanked me. We have a lot of canned food in our pantry so I decided to ask my mom if we could give it to a  food drive at our church. we did that and they said thank you. If we just do small acts of kindness every day, the world will be a better place.


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