This Book Is Not Good  For You

Book Summary

The title of my book this week is This Book Is Not Good For You by pseudonymous bosch.



       I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was full of adventure and suspense, and it was also really funny. I highly recommend the whole series to you.

   In the book the main characters Cass, Max Ernest, Yo-Yoji, and Cass's mom went to  Senor Hugo's restaurant. The restaurant was completely dark inside so that people would rely on taste and smell as they ate. I was very surprised that while they were at the restaurant, Cass's mom was secretly stolen by Senor Hugo. They later found out that he was part of the Midnight Sun (a society of evil alchemists).

   When Cass was imprisoned (with her mom but in a different cage), she took a piece of chocolate and wrote a note to her mom. When her mom wrote her a note back it was really special for Cass. Right before her mom was taken away at the restaurant, they had had an argument because Cass's mom, wasn't her real mom. Cass was deeply affected when she realized that she didn't know who her real mom was. At the restaurant, Cass and her mom started talking about this, and Cass got angry. The note that her mom gave her when they were in the cages was an apology letter. The letter evoked feelings of sadness in her. She finally realized that her mom was really her mom, and that that was how it would be forever. 


  During this book I wondered if Max-Ernest and/or Cass would give the tuning fork back to Mrs. Johnson once they had finished using it.

  When Cass, Max-Ernest, and Yo-Yoji were at the zoo, I was wondering if they were at the right zoo, and if they would find the Midnight Sun's new secret hideout there. 

  I wondered if the "time travel"  chocolate that Senor Hugo gave to Cass (to find out the secret) would work.

  The second time that Senor Hugo gave Cass chocolate (the first time the chocolate didn't work), I wondered if  it would work, and also if she would  be able to come back again successfully.

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Really cool book Ruby Ann!

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Pretty Good!

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