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Togo, Africa

Geography of Togo

Togo is located in Western Africa bordering the Bight of Benin, between Benin and Ghana. The area of Togo is 56,785 km² (21,925 sq. miles). Togo is twice the size of Maryland.

Lifestyle in Togo

Women in Togo wear headscarfs and men wear Western style pants and shirts. Some things Togolese people eat are maize, millet, yams, and rice. These foods are part of a healthy diet in Togo.

Holiday Traditions

In Togo Eid al-fitr is one of the most popular holidays for Togolese Muslims. Eid al-fitr begins with a mid-morning prayer. After the mid-morning prayer Togolese Muslims visit friends and family.

Government and Country Background in Togo

Voltaic peoples and the Kwa were the earliest known inhabitants in Togo. The Danish claimed the land in the 18th century,but by 1884 it was established as a German colony (Togoland). The government type in Togo is Republic Under Transition to Multiparty Democratic Rule.

Togo Languages

The official Togolese language is French. The national languages in Togo are Ewé and Kabiyé. The interethnic languages are French and Mina.

Togo Religion and Beliefs

In Togo there are Muslims and Christians. People in Togo are self-reliant and conservative. They are also generous and friendly.

Education in Togo

Primary school for a child starts at age six and lasts for six years in Togo. Middle school starts at age thirteen. Secondary school starts at age seventeen.

Interesting Things in Togo

In Lome, Togo you can go to the National Museum. You can also go to the Voodoo Fetish Market, there you can buy anything from hyenas to monkeys. At the Caves of Nano and Maproug you can see how cave dwellers adapted the traditional architecture of villages outside the caves to create their homes inside.

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