Reminders, Ideas, Thoughts to Ponder...

We made it through week 2 with air and lights! 

1. "Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence. " - Robert Frost

2. Seen and overheard around the building-

  - In a 4th grade classroom, a teacher asked student what they expect from their teacher this year and what areas they think they will need the most support in this year.  Valuing the voice of our students...

- In the hallway, a teacher put an arm around a student struggling with behavior and exhibiting some disrespect towards teachers and said, "I'm ready to start over, are you?"

- In a 2nd grade classroom a teacher read the book, Have you Filled a Bucket Today, and allowed students to share and brainstorm ways that they fill or dip into each others buckets.

- In a crowded, overwhelmed office, an office staff member took time to make 2 new and nervous students feel welcome with a smile and a sincere hello.

- In Kindergarten classrooms, teachers have replaced their clip charts with buckets and fillers

3.  Are you aware of these upcoming dates? Just a few highlights- go to FergOffice calendar for more info.

- Yankee Candle Fundraiser starts Monday, Sept. 8th and runs through Sept. 22nd

- Individual Student Pictures- Sept 9th- see schedule from Melinda

- Boy Scout Rallies- September 10th (see calendar for times)

- Go Math training during block times- September 11th

- Sailor Send Off for Clara- September 11th

- Project BOB for 4th grade in the gym- September 12th

- Pastries with Grandparents- September 16th- 7:00-7:45 (Grandparents may walk their children to class at 7:45)

- General PTA Meeting - September 16th (6:30-7:30 - please send one grade level rep)

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3 years ago

Thank you for sharing "Seen and Heard Around the Building." I enjoyed reading about all the wonderful things happening on our campus. Ferguson is a great place to be!

3 years ago

You all are pretty incredible! So many awesome things are seen and heard each day!