The MIWE IDEAL series artisan hearth deck oven bakes with gentle radiant heat. Hot air is circulated around the baking deck. This time-tested technique ensures a gentle baking climate. MIWE deck ovens bake with heat transferred from stone hearth decks.

Ruggedly built MIWE uses rust-resisting stainless and fully welds the baking chamber to prevent steam leaks. Each baking chamber is equipped with a separate, large capacity, quantity controlled steam unit which produces an intense supply of saturated steam. Steam slide valves and a pressure damper enables sensitive and exact control.

The MIWE IDEAL deck oven eliminates unnecessary heat loss by using high temperature insulation and boasts a 90% efficiency factor. This ensures that recovery time after loading product and steaming will remain a minimum.

MIWE artisan deck ovens use a digital, programmable control panel that allows for stored recipes, automatic morning start-up, steam volume control, and multiple baking tiers.

MIWE has manufactured the IDEAL oven line in Germany since 1954 and is a pioneer in using hot air circulation to heat the baking chamber.