Bullets and Ballots Simulation

Ben Vachon

In this simulation there were groups that really exist in life. There were 5, the Guatemalan government which was already corrupt. The army and wealthy which started with the most power. the American government, American has the most power...always. The peasants which had and will always have zero power. And last the guerillas, the people that are trying to overthrow the Guatemalan government.

The power shifted a few times during the game. During the first month the military and wealthy had the most power. The second month the Guerrillas had the most power. On the third month the guerrillas had the most msu's but the American government still have the most power over the world so they took it over. the power could shift just in like real life because of treaties, or if a new person comes to power in a country that countries ways of life could change their countries power status. This also happened when the guerrillas in Vietnam tried taking over the southern Vietnamese the USA tried to stop it by conflicting with them in war but the  Guerrillas won and took over power.

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Some cooperation and conflicts in the game. The first example of cooperation is that people would make treaties and alliances. The conflict that people had would be that people would have military conflicts. These two examples would show conflict and cooperation that happened in the game. This could happen in real life when countries in real life have treaties and also military disputes.

The US played many roles in the simulation. The first role they played was when people needed treaties or msu's they would go to the most powerful nation in the world. They also had enough power to chose the ending of the game. This happens in real life when the US takes over a country they get to chose what will happen in that part or the whole country.

A few things can happen when power shifts in a country. If a country like the new power shift the country will be happy. But if the power shift effects people in the wrong way the country could be un happy and mad at the new leader, or  person with the most power. this could happen in real life if a new president was elected or if a religious group came to a higher power than the government.

cooperation and conflict in my life

Some conflict that has happened in my life is when my brother and I flight. We fight about who gets to sit in the front seat in the car. Some cooperation I have is when  I have a friend over and we play basket ball. We play competitively but we do not have conflicts.  Another instance of conflict is when I disagree with some one in my group of friends and we get into an argument. I have many conflicts and cooperation in my life all of the time.

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