Winter Break

With the holiday, I began to gain weight and I was not satisfied.the first week i ate a lot and it wasn't healthy food because its not a holiday without dessert and you need lots of it. well at least for me its not, if there is no dessert. I also enjoyed playing FIFA with some friends throughout break. I could not do much because i had to work. For some reason i was scheduled to work more hours just because we were on break, which was terrible. And just like everybody else i was at home, stuck for more than what i wanted to be. In those days i slept, kept myself warm, played some more video games, and continued to eat a lot of food. So the rest of break i went to the gym several times when I could. At the gym i would run a lot because that's what i like to do , run. it wasnt as fun running because i was running on a treadmill and running for a minute felt like an hour. If i wasn't running i would be lifting weights. i decided that since track is just around the corner i needed to begin an early training session and this was the right time for me to begin. So this was how i spent my winter break.

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