All about Mohamed


  • My name is Mohamed H Mohamed and I am 15 cause my birthday is 01-20-1999. I go to middle school and I am in the 8th grade. I live with my mom, dad and grandma and brothers and sisters. I am from Kenya and my family are to. And I like to play soccer, basketball, and I run track for my school Lang. At school I do my work and I behave at school. At home I obey my parents and I play outside or if it is cold outside I play video game. I have a big family but we live in a apartment. I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers. My parents work at SMU and they teach. I will go to skyline hopefully next year if I pass and I will become a straight A student so I can finish high school and go to college to get my doctors degree. I like to listen to rap-hip hop and my favorite rapper is Chief Keef and Migos. My favorite food is pizza and hamburgers. My favorite colors is red and blue. My favorite subject in school is math and language arts because I am good at it.

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