session 1

we used these clay figures in our video. we used a web cam to help make our video. it took a lot of shots to make the video.

session 2

we used a computer to help use morph one thing in to another. we made it to where we have morphing in our video. we started to make our video with morphing in it.

session 3

we started to make a jack in the box. we had to use two spheres 1 cube 1 cone 1 cylinder for our jack in the box. and the computer system that we used was carrara8.

session 4

In session 4 we put color in to our jack in the box. It was all  grey at first but then we made it look like a jack in the box. we started to make the jack in the box move in this session to we are not finished yet but we are working on it.

session 5

In this session we made jack spin and come out of his box. we also put othere toy's in the animation with it. we made those toy's move to it was not very hard we pick the jet as the other toy.

session 6

in this session we got to use are carrara 8 station on our computer. we sarted a whole new progected in this session. we got to write something down on our thing and the modefi it.

session 7

in this session we started to put together our project. we got our loge then we got our animation and but them together to make our video.


in many jobs there is lost to do well being an animator it is non-stop work it is hard to be an animator from my perspective. you have to make videos and that takes a long time. you have to make up the charectors then figar out how to make them and all that stuff. put it is fun at the same time. you get to make up anything you want then make it.

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