World War Two Timeline

Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany. this leads to Hitlers reign of power . 1933

British drop the first bombs on Germany. these were the first bombs dropped on Germany  march 19 1940

Italy joins Germany. these two are now allies. and fight in war together. june 10 1940

pearl harbor japan sends hundreds of warplanes into pearl harbor. this was the first major attack by japan  december 7 1941

u.s. declares war on japan. this is when the u.s joins ww2. december 8 1941

the battle of midway is fought. a big naval fight between japan and u.s. june 4 thru 7 1942

italy declares war on its former ally Germany. Italy is now ally and against germany 1943

The World War II D-Day invasion of Normandy, France. June 6, 1944 day on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated.

June 7: German troops detain King Leopold III of Belgium and transport him to Nazi Germany. King Leopold III made a speech on 14 October 1936 in front of the Council.

June 8: The beaten and depleted Wehrmacht retreats from coastal positions in eastern Italy.

June 9: For the first time, the Allies launch bombing missions on German positions. from recaptured airfields on the French mainland.

June 10: The village of Oradour-sur-Glâne is destroyed, and 642 men and women , and children are slaughtered, by members of the Waffen-SS who are searching for a missing gold shipment and Major Helmut Kämpfe, kidnapped by French partisans.

June 11: The navy deals a harsh blow to the Japanese, destroying more than 200 of their air fleet in an attack on bases in the Marianas.

june 12: Six days after the initial D-Day invasion, the Allies have cemented a solid offensive line along the Normandy beaches.

hitler dies and  his power  handed over to a different man.  1945