A Ballad is a form of verse that involves a narrative through poetry. Ballads form form the french culture, which means dancing songs. It started off in the 1800's and became a very famous form of poetry that evolved very more throughout the 1900's.

Fountain, coolest fountain,Cool fountain of love,Where all the sweet birds comeFor comforting-but one,A widow turtledove,Sadly sorrowing,At once the nightingale,That wicked bird, came by,And spoke these honied words:"My lady, if you will,I shall be your slave.""You are my enemy:Begone, you are not true!"Green boughs no longer rest me,Nor any budding grove.Clear springs, where there are such,Turn muddy at my touch.I want no spouse to loveNor any children either.I forego that pleasure and their comfort too.No, leave me; you are falseAnd wicked-vile, untrue!I'll never be your mistress!I'll never marry you! - Anonymous