Melt Proof Container

We can keep it cold!!

MY JOB: I just graduated from industrial design school and I am now starting my first day on the job with an engineering company.

THE TASK: In my eighth grade class our teacher gave us a problem. We had to make a melt proof container that could keep stuff  frozen for over 4 hours. We had to take the temperature every hour. I believe ours will definitely keep it coldest.

THE PROBLEM: Many food products are now made in places far distant from where they will be sold. This presents huge challenges for the food manufacturers because if their food cannot be shipped safely, they can't make any money from sales. this is particularly true for companies that make frozen foods.


  • The container must be no larger than 20cm. on each side.
  • The cost of the container must be as low as possible.
  • The thermometer must be visible so the data can be collected.

THE DESIGN: We set the frozen bottle on the small plate and covered the rest in rocks to keep it cool. We then made a cross brace of straws to support the surrounding aluminum foil. On top of the frozen bottle we put felt covered in aluminum foil on it and secured it with tape. We then stuck the thermometer beside the bottle down in the aluminum foil.


           ITEM                       COST PER UNIT            UNITS           TOTAL COST

  1. ALUMINUM FOIL            $0.25                            9                     $2.25
  2. STRAWS                         $0.02                            6                     $0.12
  3. FELT                                $0.25                           1                      $0.25
  4. TAPE                               $0.10                           30                    $3.00
  5. SMALL PLATE               $0.15                            1                     $0.15
  6. ROCKS                           $0.50                            1                     $0.50

                                                                                    TOTAL COST: $6.27

PROCEDURE: First, we wrapped the bottle in aluminum foil. We also wrapped a piece of felt in aluminum foil and put it over the top of the bottle. We then put the bottle on the small plate and put the rocks on the plate around the bottle. After that, we covered the whole thing in aluminum foil and supported it with straws.

TEST #               TIME                 TEMPERATURE IN CELSIUS

1.                         12:40                       -1

2.                         1:40                         -1

3.                          2:40                        -1

4.                          3:40                         0

JOB ANALYSIS:  The product met all of the specifications. The total cost of the materials. My team worked extremely well together. The quality of my teams work was good. The biggest challenge was keeping the container frozen. If we all got along perfectly it would have been a lot easier to do more.

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