Gupta Empire

The Gupta Empire was small but powerfull

The Gupta Empire started around 320 A.D. and lasted more than 200 years. Like Mauryan Empire, the Gupta Empire was centered in the Ganges River valley. the new emperors supported the old religion of the Aryans. They felt it was india's true religion. The religion became known as Hinduism. The Gupta Empire is known as the golden age of india. Before, the Indian artists mostly copied the Greeks. But during the Gupta Empire, they developed their own style. Using stone, metal, and clay, they made images of gods. Indians also created a famous peaceful image of Buddha. It shows him sitting down with his eyes closed. His legs are crossed and his hands are at his chest. During the Gupta Empire, Indians developed a number system using the numbers 1-9 they also came up with a symbol for nothing 0, they also created the decimal system. Indian scientists studied the stars and the movement of the planets. They knew the true size of the moon. They learned about gravity. They learned these things in more than 1,000 years before Europeans did. Indian doctors made many medical discoveries during this Golden Age. They learned to heal broken bones and to prevent diseases. Traders spread the Indian ideas of science and medicine to areas around the world.

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