Brazil Global Village

This year we have been researching current events in Brazil. While researching we found four main problems in Brazil. Below are the problems

Issue 1

This graph show how long the MRSA virus can live on copper and stainless steel. This connects to the virus because 70% of sewage from Rio is dumped into the Guanabara bay. The virus can live on copper and steel for up to 360 minutes. People dump trash into the bay, including copper and steel. The virus comes off the metal and into the water. It then can effect people. Olympic sailing is held in the bay and people are wondering if it is a good spot to sail.  


Brazil's drought ranges from affecting their water supply, to their energy source. Eighty percent of Brazil's energy comes from hydroelectric power. There have been twelve city blackouts because of this.The current drought is the worst in eighty years in Brazil. The governments plan if the drought worsens is to limit water distribution to two days a week for citizens.

Issue 3

Issue 4

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