Drug misuse.

Drug misuse is miss-reading the label on a drug and taking it wrong or not right. If you were to accidentally take someone else's prescription other than yours, you could be in some serious trouble.  As soon as you realize you have taken the wrong prescription you might want to call a type of poison control or someone who is certified in that kind of stuff.

About: Drug Abuse

Drug abuse-The purposeful misuse of a legal drug or the use of an illegal drug.  Drug abuse is very serious. Physically you do not need it but mentally all your mind can think of is that drug.  If you were 24/7 taking a drug on purpose, then you might want to go to counseling. This a a very serious habit that could ruin your life very quickly.  Counseling is a very good thing to go to because they can help you and get it through your head that you don't need that drug!  If you know someone that abuse's drugs almost all the time, then you might want to contact a counseling group or this persons parents if their a kid.  Drug abuse could lead to, DEATH. Scary to think of but this is no joke.  People all over the world have died just because of a small little stupid decision. After a couple of times taking a drug, BAM, your addicted. It's as easy as that to be addicted.  About 2,500 teens begin abusing drug prescriptions each day!  The most commonly abused prescription drugs are pain medications like sleeping pills,anti-anxiety medications and stimulants. Next to Marijuana, the most common drug teens use to get high are prescription drugs!  70% of people 12 and older who abuse prescription drugs say they get them from a friend or relative.

About: Drug withdrawal

Drug withdrawal-uncomfortable physical and psychological symptoms produced when a person who is physically dependent on drugs stops using them. Some physical withdrawal symptoms are sweating,racing heart, difficulty breathing and tightness in chess. Some emotional withdrawal symptoms are anxiety, poor concentration, headaches and depression.  Some dangerous withdrawal symptoms are the chances of heart attacks, strokes, grand mal seizures, DT's and Hallucinations.  There are two stages of withdrawal. The first stage is the acute stage. The second stage is the post-acute stage.  Withdrawal can be easily treated with medication to ease the symptoms, but treating withdrawal isnt the same as treating addiction.  Muscle and bone pain, vomiting and diarrhea are some symptoms that last for several day periods.

About: Addiction

Addiction- The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity.  One quarter of 8th graders admit to smoking Marijuana regularly and over 30% of high school students admit to smoking pot.  Approximately 70% who are using illegal drugs are unemployed so Addiction can ruin your life if you don't try to do something about it. Addiction can cause...Death!  That shows how serious addiction can be!  If you know someone on addiction you need to inform them about this. How bad would you feel knowing that one of your relatives was addicted, then passed away and knowing that you didn't do anything about it?!  This is a very serious thing and it needs to be taken care of A.S.A.P.  If you know someone addicted then you will want to research up some rehab centers that are certified for addiction  We need to get it through these addicted people's heads that that you can DIE because of this! This is no joke because people even are age are dying because of addiction and just one little stupid mistake can ruin your life forever.  If you have kids how do you pay the bills, for food, and everything else because your using all your paycheck on the drugs your addicted to? You cant! This is exactly how it ruins your life just because of one stupid little mistake.

About: Physical dependency!

Physical dependency-refers to the result from chronic use of a drug that has produced tolerance  and where negative physical symptoms of withdrawal result abrupt discontinuation or dosage reduction.  Some symptoms of this are confusions, seizures, visual hallucinations, but if these symptoms occur you might want to seek immediate medical attention.  Life threatening situations are extremely rare and barely non-existent with today's proper medical management.     Physical dependence is usually managed by a slow dose reduction over a period of weeks, months or sometimes longer depending on the drug, dose and individual.

Some hallucinations someone might see if experincing some symptoms of physical dependency.

About: Psychological dependency

Psychological dependency- dependence on a psychoactive substance for the reinforcement it provides. A person becomes dependent on something to help alleviate specific emotions.  An example of this is like someone stops smoking, physically they don't need it but mentally their mine keeps telling them i need the nicotine.  That is a example of Psychological dependency because mentally their mind tells them they need it but physically they don't.  If you are trying to over come this then you might want to visit a substance abuse program to hep with your problem.  People can be psychological dependent on alcohol, nicotine, opiates and benzodiazepines.

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