Monday April,27 2015

What Is Big History?

I learn about historical and scientific things about the development of big history and how the world works with science i will use this headline to keep track of my progress and what i have learn, with my test scores and information links for other tests

Monday April 27,2015

Welcome To Big History

Big History was about showing you history is just not in the past its hard to uncover for centuries and even with evidence its hard to understand what happened. In this course it covers the basics about the universe and how old it is and scales of the universe and makes it.

Monday April 27,2015

Scales Scale is about magnification and perspective use to measure time, space, and this lesson shows you videos about a video of magnitude and the way we view the galaxy very fast without us knowing.

April 28,2015

Origin Stories

Origin is about the structure of the universe who we move and come to be want we are by cosmology origin is based of people and events and what i learn is a deeper way to think about are self how we move on from year to year. (Tests Scores Sent To Mr.S)

May 12,2015

What Are Disciplines?

A perspective that represents one or more areas of study which evolves around astrophysics that is the study of  properties and interactions of planets,stars,galaxies, and that adds to cosmology that studies the way people go on in the planet there both similar but have different studies.(Test Scores was sent to mr.s)

May 12,2015

My Big History

In This lesson you about complexity and goldilocks conditions and about how they are form and what makes them and explain what can these 2 do in this world it makes you think about yourself and this lesson (Result Sent To Mr.s)

May 13,2015

How Did Our Understanding Of  The Universe Change?

I learned about stars and the earth and how where we able to see into the stars with the telescope and its invention and how it worked to scienctist see are planets and discover the names.(result sent to mr.s)

The Big Bang

May 14,2015

I learned about our universe and how old it is and how it keeps going with mass and gravity and time and space and matter it very nice to know about the world and how it survive with us in it(result sent to mr.s)

Claim Testing

May 16,2015

In this lesson I learned about claim testers and trusting someone claim it explains evidence to trust someone or something there telling you and it teach you information giving to you should be trusted.(result sent to mr.s)

How Were Stars Formed?

May 17,2015

Stars, It has a lot of Nebula and Gravity formed with it to keep it in the sky with supercluster and nuclear fusion it is very interesting to learn about stars and how they come(result sent to mr.s).

Creation of complex elements

May 18,2015

This lesson talks about are lifespan how we live with oxygen and whats it space like supernova and it talk about iron.(result sent to mr.s)

Ways of knowing-stars and elements

May 19,2015

In this lesson I learned about elements about who had theory's for it and how it was created and how marie cutie  had a field of chemistry to elements and how Dmitri came up with elements.(result sent to mr.s)

Earth & the formation of of our solar system

May 20,2015

I learn when the earth was form and when the earth consist of helium and hydrogen and it was form 4.5 billion years ago (result were sent to mr.s).

What was young earth like

May 21,2015

I learn about how the earth was so hot that it melted and mantle went to the core of earth and made it want it is today(result sent to mr.s).

Why is plate tectonics important

May 22,2015

I learned about our solar system about our planets as in pluto and the earth and how it stick together i learned about the sun and what it does as it is beside our planet heating up everyday(result sent to mr.s).

Ways of knowing our solar system and earth

May 23,2015

I learned about what does geologist do in there and what would they bring to place of study and want do they study and they study the earth and what it does as in how long it been alive(result sent to mr.s).

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