My Brazilian family!
Giovani Martim Albuquerque

Figure 1: Brazil's flag. [1]

Brazil's Language and Culture

Portuguese is Brazil's official language. It differs slightly in pronunciation from the Portuguese spoken in Portugal. English is popular as a second language. Spanish is also becoming more popular in some circles as Brazil establishes stronger trade ties with its neighbors. (Although Portuguese speakers generally understand Spanish). Indigenous peoples may speak any one of more than a hundred local languages. [7]

Figure 2: Feijoada, typical food from Brazil. [8]

Family Tree

Figure 3: My family tree.

My birth

Figure 4: Large Detailed Brazil Regions Map. [2]

I was born in the state São Paulo, city São Paulo, in August 6, 1994. According to surveys, São Paulo is the most populous city of America.

Figure 5: São Paulo's picture. [3]
Table 1: List of the 10 largest cities in the Americas by population. [4]

In 1995 my family moved to São João da Boa Vista, state São Paulo, where I grew up and study.

Figure 6: São João da Boa Vista's picture. [5]
Figure 7: Institute Federal of Education, Science and Technology.


Figure 8: Giovani's timeline.


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