Persuasive Essay

The world is in desperate need of good people. There aren't enough good leaders for groups of people to go along to. The world needs good because one day the world may be run by terrorists, etc. and someone has to be a leader to keep the trend going.

If good people don't step up, parts of the world will be parts of a dictatorship. Terrorists will then hack into many technological systems and gain too much power. If bad people take over, there won't be the voice of the good people. Although there will be bad people forever and we can't change that, there has to somewhat be a balance between good and bad people.

Someone has to be a leader to keep the trend going. All it takes is one person to step up. Once someone steps up, other people do then groups of people, etc. Most people wait for someone to take the chance to step up before they do. If people keep stepping up, this will be a chance to change the world.

Although some people think on the controversy side such as thinking the world needs no good people at all, that's their opinion. Most likely they are those who don't want the good people to keep stepping up. Most of these don't like to help people unless they get something in return. In other words, they live in the world of selfish.

The world needs good people because good leader will keep the trend going. People will take over too much power over everyone. This means that good people need to be heard to prevent the bad people wanting to take over power.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend Janeth Guadian as a candidate for a position with your organization. In her position as a newspaper editor from 2005-2014. Janeth showed her best in this position and took our company to a whole new level. She has amazing writing skills. She also has great independent working focus. She expertized getting the job done independent by managing time. Janeth is always there to help someone get the job done better with advice. She is an employee of anyone's dreams. Her love for journalism was shown by her articles. She showed admiration and passion for this field.

Yours truly,


Alexis Tellez

Letter of Intent

                                                          Tellez, Alexis

                                                    1113 Barcelona Avenue

                                                      El Paso, TX 79938


Francis Douglas, Public Services


Fly High Avenue

El Paso, TX 79913

Dear Francis Douglas,

I am willing to prove to you my passion and skills for planes. I can pilot any plane and can make their company take off. If I can show you my skills, I will prove to you I am the one to help improve your company.

I have a masters degree in piloting. I am great at multitasking which can explain why im such a great pilot. I am one of a kind pilot in search for better opportunities than my previous company. I wanted more hours and i hope that's what i can get from this company.

As I have explained, I am a pilot with passion and talented skills for being able to fly any plane. I can do anything as ordered to do.


Alexis Tellez


Alexis Tellez


1011 Barcelona Avenue



My goals is to become a successful pilot in the "Air and Marines" program.


2005-2011 Hurshel Antwine

2011-2014 Sgt. Raphael Hernando lll

2014-2015 El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

2015-2018 Pebble Hills High School


In the fifth grade, i got 2nd place in the science fair for the category, "Earth Science."

From sixth to eighth grade i got A/B honor roll.

In high school i got A Honor Roll and graduated in the top 10% of my class.






Good at mathematics; problem solving.

Great at independent works.

Great at multi-tasking.

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