Redskins Mascot Controversy

1. Assemblyman Luis Alejo Seeks Ban On offensive Mascots  By : Jason Hoppins

2. The Main Idea Of This Is Basically They Wanted To band The Name But Highschoolers And Ohers Was Still Using The Name

3.  Assemblyman Luis Alejo wants to end the use of “Redskins” as a mascot in California public schools, once and for all. I chose this line because I think it's the main thing they was talking about And I can connect to it .

4. My connection to this article is like when my brother calls me a different name then my original name n I want him to stop but he don't he continues to call me it .

This Connects with the article we read in class because they both were still trying to make everyone stop calling them " red skins " & and they still were doing it . And they felt a Certain way about it .

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3 years ago

Can you connect this to the other article that we read?