My Mom

by:Cristian Williams

  My mom is a honest, delicate, and beautiful person.She's always there for me, and I'm thankful for that.I'll do anything for my mom, like take out the trash, wash the dishes {mostly chores}.She works really hard for me, and I should repay her. She got me an xbox last christmas, and thats from her hard work.So I'm gonna do this website for her and make her proud.

   My mom is so cool, she can do a backflip with a twist.I thought she couldn't do it,but when she did I got so surprised. She beat me in my game {Call of Duty:Ghost} and that proves that she's cool. My mom is smart. She can multiply math problems without a calculator or paper.

  Well thats my mom. Well not actually her, but the pictures up top are what she means to me.

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