India's Water Problem

Stay out of the Water by:  trey shelley   Braxton Lumpkin

India is having water problems. There doing many things to it like bathing, swimming,throwing trash in it. They only have one river so they use it for everything. Which pollutes the water of India which is all the water they have. It is also over flowing all the time because of the rain. What can you do to help this crisis? You can send water to them to help them survive in this harsh condition.

A 2007 study found that discharge of untreated sewage is the single most important source of pollution of surface and ground water in India. There is a large gap between generation and treatment of domestic waste water in India. The problem is not only that India lacks sufficient treatment capacity but also that the sewage treatment plants that exist do not operate and are not maintained.[1]

The majority of the government-owned sewage treatment plants remain closed most of the time due to improper design or poor maintenance or lack of reliable electricity supply to operate the plants, together with absentee employees and poor management. The waste water generated in these areas normally percolates into the soil or evaporates. The uncollected wastes accumulate in the urban areas causing unhygienic conditions and releasing pollutants that leach into surface and groundwaters.[1]

A 1992 World Health Organization study reported that out of India's 3,119 towns and cities, just 209 have partial sewage treatment facilities, and only 8 have full wastewater treatment facilities. Downstream, the river water polluted by the untreated water is used for drinking, bathing, and washing. A 1995 report claimed 114 Indian cities were dumping untreated sewage and the partially cremated bodies directly into the Ganges River.[3] Lack of toilets and sanitation facilities causes open defecation in rural and urban areas of India, like many developing countries.[4] This is a source of surface water pollution.