Worlds deadliest bird.

Reasons not domesticated

  • Their diet consists of fruit, fungi, and insects but mostly fruits.
  • In the Vietnam War, soldiers in New Guinea were warned to avoid this bird but it still killed many of them. Their middle toe has a long, murderous claw capable of easily ripping through major organs and also has a very powerful kick.
  • The cassowary panics easily
  • Lays 3-8 eggs. At 9" by 14"They are the 3rd largest in the world. Males protect babies for 9  months.
  • Will breed in captivity.

Other Facts

  • At 4 years of age the female cassowary is much larger then a male.
  • Scientific classification
  • Kingdom:Animalia
  • Phylum:Chordata
  • Class:Aves
  • Order:Struthioniformes
  • Family:Casuariidae
    Kaup, 1847[1]
  • Genus:Casuarius
    Brisson, 1760[1]
  • SpeciesCasuarius casuarius

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