The Civil War

Alasdair 16, New York

                                                                      ~Day 1~

March 7, 1862 ~

          I'm Alasdair, a 16 year old guy from New York, and I'm heading into battle tomorrow morning. I have decided to join the army and end slavery. Just because people are different colors doesn't mean they should be treated like that. Plantation owners and slave owners don't understand how the slaves must feel. Just imagine being in their positions. The north needs to win this war desperately. The underground railroad frees many slaves, but there is no way it could stop slavery. I need to get some sleep now so I can fight tomorrow. ~Alasdair

                                                                         ~Day 2~

March 8, 1862 ~

          My first day at battle was not as I expected. I saw many things I never thought I would see. I witnessed men all around me losing their lives; it was something I have never seen in person. I also saw tons of sadness and suffering. Friends were seeing each other being hurt and killed. I was almost killed myself multiple times. There were cannons launching projectiles into the air. Guns were going off. Mines were exploding. One thing I learned is that when fighting at war you have to watch your back and be extremely careful. For now I need to get some sleep; it's going to be another long day of fighting tomorrow. ~ Alasdair

                                                             ~Day 3~

March 9, 1862 ~

          Today was horrible; a million times worse than yesterday. A cannonball landed about ten feet away from me. Pieces of metal, rocks, and dirt flew everywhere. I have cuts all over me where any skin was exposed. My face and hands were mainly injured. My uniform is cut and shredded all over. The doctor here at camp says that I can't fight tomorrow. Infection is a possibility and would be horrible. It's going to be a few days at least before I can even consider going into battle again.

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