A Little About Her Life

By: Jalynn Gooch

It all started out in the little town of Sanford...

Jalynn Gooch was born in Sanford, North Carolina in Central Carolina Hospital at 6:10 p.m. To Phylicia Blue and Dejaun Smith. Some of her favorite sports are volleyball, basketball, track and field,cheer, and softball. Her hobbies are drawing, shopping, dancing, and watching TV. She has two brothers and one stepsister named; DeShon Smith, and Mollique Blue, and Jaeden Blue. At this moment Jalynn goes to West Lee Middle School and is 11 years old. When she gets older she would like to go to Paris, France. She would go there because when she gets older she would like to be a fashion designer or a model. Paris is a great place to be both of those things, you also I would like to go to New York because that is also a great place to pursue my career.

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