tropical desert project

by joshua rodriguez, gage hutton, drake sanford and james stoffo

The worlds bigest desert is the sahara desert in africa and there are also many all around the world.

Most pf australia is a big desert the east side and more of the center of australia is a desert also.

One of the most deadley places is called death vally in the united states and it is a desert also.

Did you know that some of south east asia was also a deser al well as other parts of asia as well.

Some of south america is also a deser like sechurs and still is a desert.

The tropical desert has many lizards

The tropical desert has a lot of snakes

The tropical desert has many birds

The tropical desert has a lot of poisonous animals

The tropical desert has many carnivores

There are many plants in the tropical desert .

One well known plant is the cactus which also has fruit on the inside.

and beutiful flowers such as the pali plumies.

Also as you may have seen on tv the tumbleweed .

Also there is the palo verde one of the few trees in the tropical verde

There is some flash floods there.

The close that you would ware is white pants and jeans and you would ware boots.

The average temperture is 64 degrees.

The average temperture at night is 40 degrees

It is the hottest and driest place on Earth.

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