The Siege of Charleston 1780

The Siege of Charleston 1780 is known as one of the worst defeats of the revolution. This siege was lead by Major General Benjamin Lincoln and Commodore Abraham Whipple on the Patriots side and Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton on the British side. The British had almost double the amount of men that the Patriots did. Lincoln tried to prepare Charlestown for the siege, but knew that the British had way more men. The siege started on April 2nd, 1780. On April 21, Lincoln asked Clinton if Lincoln and his troops could evacuate the city, but Clinton refused because he knew he had the colonist troops trapped. After Lincoln asked this, the British hammered the American troops until Lincoln eventually had no other option other than to surrender.

This was a disaster for the American troops; this was one of the largest surrenders in the US army's history. Clinton captured about 3,000 Patriots and only about 250 of his 10,000 men were killed/wounded in the process. After this win, Clinton was pretty sure that the British had control of the South and they did, until the fall.

Major General Benjamin Lincoln

Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton

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