European Explorer Persuasion

By Explorius Maximus (Bennett Owen)

You shall get loads of money and have a major stake in the claim of the land of the New World, as well as the control of the Indians to destroy other countries' stakes in the land.

I expect that you shall be able to get land in a long band from Montreal to the cursed Columbus expedition's city of Saint Augustine. In this area, I expect to find what areas might be passageways to Asia, another way to increase your already substantial treasury and stake on the land.

I am willing and, if you give me the needed supplies, I shall go at the turn of the year in a year : 1599.

I shall gain you better rewards then those who are pilfering pirates and just will keep all of the profits. I, on the other hand, will give you an eighty percent cut, but, you must give me control of one of the cities we colonize once I explore and report back.

What I Can Get Already:

I have a group of soldiers, several carpenters, a priest, and a very skilled group of seamen to accompany us. I do not have a captain, though, so that will be top priority.

The People I Need From You:

I need from you a merchant, a man who knows the Indian language, a captain, an artist to record our exploits, a writer, and plenty of colonizers to set up colonies, and a lawyer to settle all issues.

What is the skill set that I have?

I am able to lead a large group of people to do various things.

I went to Le College de Paris and got a degree in leadership, French, law, and a minor in geology, so I am very diverse and have the skills to log the landscape, if you are willing to invest in me as the leader of the merry band of explorers.

Who do I know who is coming with me?

I am fortunate to know my friend who is a squadron leader in the French Royal Army.

He shall be able to contribute around 25 good soldiers to help protect us as we come.

I have a friend who went to the Lyons Technical School who employs large amounts of carpenters. I will bring them with us.

There are several reverends who would give their lives to come with me. I am going to bring Reverend Bob, the one who I know the best.

The Resources I Have:

I have a ship that shall be able to remain seaworthy for a year or two without need of a carpenter, but, barring the worst, I have several carpenters.

I have food for a month for 25 men, but I need way more.

I have the bible and books for entertainment.

I have enough weapons for the soldiers.

The Resources I Shall Need:

I need enough food for the worst - around 12 months of supplies for 135 men who shall ride in two boats.

I need a second very well situated boat with all the simple parts.

I need around 14 months' worth of food.

I need goods and baubles to trade with the Indians.

I need, at the very least, parchment to put together a map.

I need some normal tools to put together a city, a law book for the lawyer, and money to pay the people coming with me.

What Is In It For You:

I expect you, by the end of my trip, shall have several small settlements with around 30 people in each, with growing and thriving goods to trade with you.

You shall have the total control over the Indians and the ability to attack other land holdings with their strength in numbers and surprise.

You will have maps for later expeditions that shall not be based on guesswork, like many others.

If there is a route to India and Asia, then we shall find it in the interests of establishing a better economic hold on your region of control.

You will possess many of the lands of the Natives from them for pointless baubles and huge pieces of nothing.


The Threats:

The Indians, other explorers, starvation, etc.

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