How does the Annabelle movie relate to The Conjuring?

The Annabelle movie is a spin-off/prequel to The Conjuring. It doesn't feature any of the human characters from The Conjuring. It instead focuses on the back story of the doll that was in the possession of paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) in The Conjuring movie. This origin story includes a fictionalized explanation of how a demon became attached to the doll. It also reveals how the doll came to be named after a deceased young girl named Annabelle Higgins.

No. As indicated in the photos above, the real Annabelle doll was actually a normal looking Raggedy Ann Doll, not the creepy looking porcelain doll seen in the Annabelle movie and The Conjuring.

The medium held a séance and introduced Donna and her roommate Angie to the spirit of Annabelle Higgins, a seven-year-old girl who had played in the fields that existed where Donna and Angie's apartment complex now stood. Apparently, Annabelle Higgin's lifeless body had been discovered in the fields. Out of compassion, Donna and Angie permitted the spirit that they thought was that of Annabelle Higgins to stay with them and possess the doll.

The real Annabelle doll was given as a birthday present by a mother to her daughter, Donna, a nursing student who was turning 28. Donna's mother purchased the antique Raggedy Ann Doll from a hobby store in 1970. The Annabelle movie focuses on the vintage doll's existence prior to Donna's mother purchasing it second-hand at the hobby store, offering a fictional account of how the demon could have entered the doll.

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