Throat Cancer

By: Trevor Benning

                                              About Throat Cancer

Throat Cancer is a growth that can be in the mouth or throat


Coughing Sore Throat Lump in the Neck Coughing up Blood

                                                Possible Causes

Some things that could cause throat cancer are smoking and chewing tobbaco

                                                Cancer Growth

Can multiplies very quickly.

Stages of Throat Cancer

                     Stage 0 cancer is in early stage

                      Stage 1 2 and 3 greater tumor size or spread out more

                      Stage 4 cancer has matastasis to a different organ



If the tumor is not big the surgery made only have a few side effects.  If it is big it the surgery may involve part of your throat or mouth to be removed.

Survival Rate

                      The survival rate is about 90%   remission-a temporary or permanant decrease or subsidence of a disease

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