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Hello my name is Mary Holt and I am serving in the Union side. I'm from California and during battles I serve as a nurse helping those soldiers who are wounded. I left my family in California while I am serving the Union side.

Jubal Early: Its a rough day, people eating sheet iron crackers for food.

Everyone's bread baskets not feeling well and throwing up.

Everyone’s running to the bathroom and quick stepping every minute after food.

Paola: After every battle, everyone gets hard knocks and broken.

Man everyone wishes for greenbacks today, right here, right now

Jubal Early: You bet

Paola: After they return to the bathroom, they're gonna be played out.

Jubal Early: When they're gonna have grave a root their bread basket won’t be in the mood for eating the food.

Paola: bye

October. 25.1860

Dear Family,

As a nurse I have seen the soldiers have many things to do. Many of the soldiers have faced many punishments. Those soldiers were very humiliated. The soldiers that have been punished, have bizarre punishments. One of the soldiers that have been punished have to wear a barrel because he didn't have permission to drink liquor. And another one was that a soldier have stole some equipment from a soldier that have already passed away, that soldier had to have a sign that said "Thief". Many soldiers had bizarre punishments. As a nurse I have seen things that no person wants to do. Every soldier is assign a specific chore like taking care of the horses, cleaning your tent and much more. The location of our camp is near a lake and we are stetted in a very deep forest. The Union was to make sure that our camp is not that very noticeable for the South. The soldiers are miserable, everyday they have to wake up at dawn and do the usual routine is practice into getting into their specific group. As a nurse, I get to see what a soldier does. I'm glad that us nurses don't have to do that.        

                                                                                  Sincerely Yours truly,

                                                                                          Mary Holt


Jeremiah Handley Story:

-Jeremiah when you chose to fight for the Union, what caused you to make that choice.

- What I'm happy about is that even though I didn't have my parents anymore, they still provided me help even though they have passed away.

- The thing that I wished that was different is if my mother was my parents were alive again. I could really use their advice of what to do. And I wish I wasn't a slave.

- Jeremiah what made you join the Union army? And why go back to your brother?

Dear Family,                                                                                  November.2.1860

As a nurse in the Union side, my days go so slow that you couldn't imagine. For most of the time I do not a have a day when I have time to relax. Some soldiers stay in the hospital because they are sick. The reason that the soldiers are sick is because they eat the camp food. The camp food is disgusting. The reason I say that it is disgusting is the food has been going rotten faster and faster each time the soldiers don't eat all of it. By the time the soldiers get new food, they return with spoiled food. So they tried eating this sort of looking cracker. It is really hard that it lasted a long time. But some soldiers have fund a couple of worms in the food too. That is why I ask you to bring me any kind of food that those not get rotten by the time it get's here. And can you please send me a book, and some playing cards. It is very quiet and boring when the enemy is not at war with us. All I could do when I have time to relax is keep helping the soldiers.  

                                                                               Sincerely, Mary Holt

The hours sad I left my dear

Whose sighs and tears when i'm on my way

I thought her heart was breaking

In hurried words I say the best

I breathed the words that come my way

And to my heart in anguish pressed

The girl I left behind me

Then to the east we go our own way

To win a name in our story

The place in my sight

When they assigned me

I shared the glory of that fight

Sweet girl I left behind me

But then come the day

In which we had no sharing

But now our soldiers won

Singing worthy of our size each son

Sweet girl I left behind me

The hope of final victory

Within my burning

Is wondering thoughts through me

And of my wonderful returning

Still with the love that blinds me

The girl I left behind me

Note from a Union nurse:

Dear myself,

As a nurse after battles I have seen horrible and terrifying injuries. The most horrible one are probably: a soldier got shot in the cheek and when we found the body (it was missing) his cheek was gone. You could only see his gums and teeth. Another one was probably a soldiers got shot in the eye. When he came to get a surgery, he was dead because the loss of blood. But that doesn't mean those are the only terrible ones I've seen. There has been much more that have been really terrifying. But not just during battle. I have also seen injuries. Like many soldiers had diarrhea and pink eye. Most of them passed away. As a nurse, I have seen a lot of things that are way to terrifying to look at.

In the picture above, soldiers posed for a picture before we return to home. Many of us passed away, any many of us are going home with pride.

Dear Family,                                                                                 April. 10. 1865

I'm glad that I'm returning home tomorrow. I missed my family so much. I remember the day when they asked me to be a Union nurse. I also feel really bad about those soldiers who don't can't go home and hug their families, instead they could only see them in the sky. But they fought for our country. All the soldiers are going home with a big smile, and are going to be happy to be back to their family. I also, can go home with o harms way. I fought for what is right. I was a Union nurse serving for the side that deserved to win.

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