Hospitality and Tourism

working in a restaurant

1. Employees working in the Restaurant deal with many different types of people and serving their foods

2. employees sometimes get to deal with money like counting the safe you have to be good in math when dealing with money

3.when you are a cook for a restaurant you got to know what temperature to cook the food on you are dealing with many types of burgers and chicken

Travel and Tourism

1.when you travel or tourism you got to know your way around the thing your touring or traveling to. got to know how to trust all races,you got to know how to work with people,when someone said something about what you just said then you work with it.

3.when you travel and take someone somewhere and you have to  stay somewhere you have to know a buget on how much money you can spend and when you got to wake up and stuff.

Recreation, Amusements and Attractions

1.when you work in this career you got to know how to pick the right people to work for you