My expirence at UTA

Austin Noel


When I went to UTA ,I was excited , it was my first college tour . Since the rain I did not get too take the tour, it was upsetting.

The Expirence

I enjoyed the science show it was like magic. It was cool seeing all of the cool trickes with all the chemicals. My favorite thrick was lighting hands on fire, it was awesome. My least favorie thing about the field trip was that we sat in a gym for three hours, all we did was sit with the accasional strech. We also had too miss the tour because of the weather, it sucked. My suggestions would too bring umbrellas just incase it rains so we can go onto the tour. Also instead og eating lunch on the gross floor, how about bringing some tables! Also if they were trying too persuade us too go there, they could have handed out some spirit gear. this field trip was not bad for my first shackleford field trip, but it could have been better.

My College

I do not really want too go to UTA, I want too go to ATM, it is my dream too go there. I love ATM sports clinics, it is a christian school, and it is the one place I am passionate about going to really bad. I am passonate about going to ATM, I will do anything too get there, nothing will stop me, because I am going to college!!


abot 81 bachlor degrees, 70 master, 30 doctor, 1 professional.


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