Crusade: European Perspective

By: Cesar F. Amador

1. Well, Jerusalem was important to the  Europeans because it was a holy ground or place. Jesus Crust ministered in Jerusalem. He also died and rose there. So that's why Jerusalem is important to the Europeans.

2. The Europeans went on a crusade because Jerusalem to them was a holy place. They wanted to keep it to themselves

3. The first crusade impacted many things such as medicine, goods, food, thoughts, and trade. A book a medicine was made, the book let the Europeans discover that blood flows through the human body. Merchants brought new foods to Europe. They also brought fine clothing. This helped the trade, since the trade got better the economy got better.

4. The Europeans thought they were opening a gateway for heaven, they thought they were superior. They thought the Muslims were cold-blooded murderers, so they were inferior. The Europeans most likely thought they and the Byzantine were equals, and Jews also.

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